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About Me

I don't play multi-player games as much as single-player games. After I started playing Enemy Territory in 2010, I was looking for some good bots. I've tried Fritzbot and then Omni-Bot. After a few days I learned how to make waypoints for Omni-Bot. I've made waypoints for maps praetoria_m2, UrbanTerritory, lmsm_final, le_lac, eltz_beta1, deadcold_b1, canyon3, chess_v1, leningrad_b2, alcatraz_b4, the_moskeeb1, quotidian_b2, alchemycastle_b3, lostchildren_et, ship, dom-pyramidxl_a3, mia1, nod_temple, nemo, cortex_who, ctf_halo, tbnsdba, katamari, [DarK]-Siege_BETA, et_poker_b2. I've improved waypoints for maps isle, fasthold_sp1, mml_minastirith_fp3, pacman_v2, saberpeak_final, mlb_egypt, bloody_omaha_b2, facility31_b1, springfield_pb, sfx_endor, remagen, lostparadise, budapest_beta2, UJE_convoy_final, password2.

I became Omni-Bot developer in 2012.