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About Me

I am currently a beta tester, waypointer, and scripter for Omni-Bot. My first interest in bots came with the introduction of the first RTCW bot called wolfbot in 2003. After playing for a while, waypointing interested me to the point that it became a bit of a hobby.

After the second release of wolfbot, the project suddenly died as the developer, Kaji disappeared. Waypointing continued for some time after the project died, but missing features resulted in the community of waypointers dieing as well.

In late 2004, a buddy of mine turned me on to a small project headed up by Maleficus. It was a limited CTF mode bot for RTCW with support for 2 maps when first released. Immediately I recognized the potential for the bot and asked to join the team as waypointer and beta tester for Fritzbot.

A nice team of people consisting of Denny, the bindlestiff, 420Blunt, Maleficus, and myself worked for a year on developing full bot support for RTCW. Maleficus was the sole coder while the rest of us waypointed and beta tested as well as made feature requests.

In late 2005, after numerous user requests, Maleficus submitted and began a port to support Enemy Territory. Fritzbot ET was released in early 2006 and quickly became extremely popular. Ultimately the work on this project resulted in Maleficus joining ID Software to help develop a bot for ET QuakeWars. Sadly, it meant work on Fritzbot ET became very limited.

At this time I decided to research Omni-Bot as the idea of a bot framework interested me. The release of 0.60 answered some important questions I had about the bot in general and soon afterwards I began looking at it closer. After familiarizing myself with gm scripting through hands on testing and usage of some nice examples provided by Bladen and Jaskot, I asked DrEvil if there was a way I could contribute to the project.