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From omni-bot

Omnibot mod is required if you want to edit waypoints or map goals. Although console commands work in all mods, OpenGL drawing works only in omnibot mod. If you only want to play ET, you probably choose another mod because omnibot mod does not have any advanced features.


  • Install Omni-Bot, if you have not done it yet
  • Download file omni-bot_0_83_ET_waypoint_mod.zip from Omni-Bot website. The ZIP file contains both Windows and Linux binaries.
  • There is omnibot folder in the ZIP file. Extract it to the ET game root folder. It must be at the same directory level as etmain.
  • Create shortcut to ETL.exe +set fs_game omnibot +exec server.cfg
    Replace ETL.exe with ET.exe if you don't use ET:Legacy. It's possible to have multiple versions installed. If you renamed omnibot folder, you must replace omnibot after fs_game parameter with your new folder name.
  • Add omnibot_path, cg_omnibotdrawing and bind commands to server.cfg.
  • You need cheats to edit waypoints, therefore you have to use /devmap command to load maps.