From omni-bot

Number of bots

/bot maxbots 15

Sets maximum number of bots. It must be less than number of slots (sv_maxclients). The server manager script will automatically kick one bot when a human player connects to server and joins axis or allied team. Similarly, it will add a new bot if some player disconnects.

/bot minbots 2

Sets minimum number of bots. Default value is -1. You should set minbots only if you want some bots to be always playing even if your server is full.

If you want to add bots manually, you must set maxbots and minbots to -1. Then you can add bots by commands /bot ab or /bot addbot.

Difficulty levels

/bot difficulty 4

Difficulty ranges from 0 to 6 (0 is easy, 6 is hard).

If you change difficulty, bots' properties will be adjusted (reaction time, field of view, aim error, view distance, ...). Advanced users can adjust bot properties for each difficulty level in the file omni-bot/et/scripts/goals/goal_difficulty.gm.

Combat movement skill

/bot moveskill 4

Moveskill ranges from 0 to 3. Specifying 4 for moveskill will have each bot choose a random moveskill.

It affects bot's behaviour during combat (crouch, strafe left or right, ...).

Balance teams

/bot balanceteams 1 

If you enable balanceteams, bots will move between teams in order to keep same number of players in both teams.

Log files

Log files are written to folder omni-bot/et/logs. If the folder does not exists, log files are written to Enemy Territory game folder. File name is omnibot_<mapname>.log.

/seta omnibot_logsize 0
  • Value -1 disables logging.
  • Default value 0 enables logging, but files will be overwritten every match.
  • Value greater than 0 means maximal file size in KB and also allows appending more matches to a single file.

Configuration file

You can find the file omni-bot.cfg in the folder omni-bot/et/user. You usually don't need to modify this file because most settings can be changed from the console. Nevertheless, some advanced settings are not accessible from the console: CountSpectators, SleepBots, SaveConfigChanges, AdjustAim, DumpFileEnable, DumpFileDialog, LiveUpdate, Debug, EnableInterProcess, LogInfo, LogWarnings, LogErrors, LogCriticalErrors.

Documentation can be found in file omni-bot.txt.

Changing bot names

You need to go into the omni-bot/et/scripts folder. In Omni-bot 0.82 or later open file "et_botnames_ext.gm". In Omni-bot 0.81 or 0.8 open file "et_botnames.gm". In Omni-bot 0.71 or older open file "et_autoexec.gm". Bots' names are in quotes. Do not change other commands in that scripts.

Waypoints folder

Waypoints and map scripts can be found in the omni-bot/et/nav and omni-bot/et/incomplete_navs folders. New waypoints should be added into this folder. You can add new waypoints in a zip file (they must be at the root level of the zip file, not in a folder) or you can just add the files directly.