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Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory is a free for download team based game that currently is the most advanced in terms of bot support as it has been focused on more than other games.

Omni-bot has been integrated into many of the popular ET mods (etpub, jaymod, noquarter ...) , which contain enhancements, fixes, additional weapons, etc on top of the ET game type. Supported mods versions are listed on page Download_Omni-Bot_ET.

Fortress Forever

Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress modification for Half-life 2. Omni-bot will come with the default installation for training and scrimmage purposes, with training scripts targeted to helping those that are new to Team Fortress, as it can be a difficult game to attract new players.

Quake 4

Quake 4 by Raven Software has had an alpha Omni-bot release in an early version, and more recently has been getting beta releases on the Omni-bot forum here

Doom 3

Doom 3 by id software has recently joined the Omni-bot supported games list. It is being supported currently by Geekfeststarter. There has not been a public release yet.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein game is similar to Enemy Territory. All scripts and commands have been recently updated to the latest Omni-bot version.

Want to support Omni-bot?

Any mods that would like to add support for Omni-bot should PM DrEvil for information. Porting to a new mod is typically pretty easy, particularly if the mod is built on an already supported engine.

Omni-bot support is added to a mod by adding a lightweight interface file to the mod that compiles into it and communicates with the bot dll. After that, all the bot behavior is handled in the bot dll. If you are a minor variation of an existing supported game chances are your mod can use the same dll, like Jaymod, etpub, NQ.