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RTCW:Omnibot is a modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer. Complete bot support has been added using the Omni-Bot framework and some general modifications have been made to the 1.4 SDK.

Bot Features

  • 63 fully supported maps (complete waypoints / scripts)
  • Complete Class and Weapon support
  • Riding movers (trams, trains, etc)
  • Targeting of breakables
  • Customizable difficulty settings
    • Aim skill
    • Combat behaviors
  • Elevator usage
  • Switch usage
  • Routing
  • Class Management
  • Role Management
  • Complete Goal Support
    • Artillery
    • Dynamite
      • Plant
      • Defuse
    • Steal
    • Return
    • Checkpoint
    • Attack
    • Defend
    • Roam
    • Panzerfaust camps
    • Snipe camps
    • Flamethrower camps
    • Venom camps
    • Revive Teammate
  • Scripted Goal Support
    • Airstrike
    • Call for supplies ( medic packs and ammo )
    • Deliver supplies
    • Dispense ammo
    • Grenade target
    • Supply self ( for medics and lieutenants )

General Mod Features

  • Hitsounds
  • Colored Crosshairs
  • Local time in hud
  • Crosshair Pulse
  • ET / OSP style Table Stats
  • Shrub like /stats command
  • Private Messages
  • Fixed Physics
  • Helmet Protection
  • Drop Items
  • Throwable Knives
  • Instagib game mode
  • ET / OSP colors
  • Weapon Flash
  • Blood Flash
  • Objective Info Prints
  • Warmup Damage
  • Water Revive
  • NQ / ETPub Killing Sprees
  • ETPro Antiwarp
  • End of round awards
  • Banner Messages
  • Goombas
  • Shoving
  • Corpse Dragging
  • Tap out reports
  • Revive reports
  • Gib reports
  • Right aligned overlays for fps, kills, spree, speedometer, and ping
  • Extra clips
  • OSP's goat sound for knife kills
  • Reinforcement time offsets
  • Poison needles
  • Betting and Buying system
  • Deathmatch support
  • Kickable Airstrikes and Grenades
  • Binoculars for all classes
  • Unlockable weapons
  • Flag locking
  • Grenade Packs
  • Smoke Grenades
  • LUA support


The mod is installed in two locations; an omnibot folder for the game folder and an omni-bot folder which contains the bot dll as well as waypoints and scripts.


Unzip the archive to your Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.


It is recommended that the zip be copied to the games root folder as a user with root priveledges (default is /usr/local/games/wolfenstein). Extract the zip to this location. Once extracted, the omnibot_path must be set in either the server config or wolfconfig_mp.cfg. It must be set to the exact path of the omni-bot folder. Alternatively, you can start the game and set the value in the console; /seta omnibot_path /usr/local/games/wolfenstein/omi-bot for example. If set with the console, a map_restart is required.


Copy the lua library from the with_lua folder to the RTCW root directory that contains the game executable ( wolfmp.exe / wolfmp ). Copy the qagame library from the with_lua folder to the omnibot mod folder (replacing the existing qagame). Note that for linux, the file extension is .so while in Windows it is .dll.

Starting Omnibot

There are two ways to start the mod. One way is to start Wolfmp.exe, then select options / mods / omnibot. The other way is to create a shortcut. To do this, copy your Wolfmp.exe to the desktop, then right click it. Select properties, then add +set fs_game omnibot to the target line:

"C:\games\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\WolfMP.exe" +set fs_game omnibot


Difficulty Settings

Aim and Combat movement difficulty can be set with bot commands.

  • /bot difficulty - from 0 to 7, default 3. 0 is easiest, 7 is hardest
  • /bot moveskill - from 0 to 4, default 3. 0 = off, 1 = easy, 2 = medium, 3 = hard, 4 = random per bot


Server Vars

Extra Clips

Add extra clips to players when they spawn default 0, x : x = number of extra clips

  • g_engExtraClips - max 9
  • g_ltExtraClips - max 9
  • g_mauserExtraClips - max 3
  • g_medExtraClips - max 9
  • g_panzerExtraClips - max 3
  • g_pistolExtraClips - max 3
  • g_soldExtraClips - max 9
  • g_venomExtraClips - max 3

Enables the usage of the /giveammo # command
default 0, 1 to enable


NQ / ETPub Killing Sprees default 0, bit flagged cvar:

  • 1 - killing spree
  • 2 - death spree
  • 4 - multi-kill

g_announcer 7 enables all messages / sounds


zinx ETPro antiwarp
default 0, 1 to enable


Display end of round awards'
default 0, 1 to enable


Allow players to bet against each other
default 0, bit flagged cvar:

  • 1 - enable betting
  • 2 - enable buying

Limit bots to a specific team
default 0, 1 = axis, 2 = allies


Supply classes other than lieutenants with binoculars
default 0, bit flagged cvar:

  • 1 - soldiers
  • 2 - engineers
  • 4 - medics

Allow bots to target injured players
default 1, 0 to disable bot gibbing


Enable team deathmatch mode
default 0, 1 to enable. requires map_restart


Cheat Protected, renders client hitboxes
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable dragging of corpse using +activate
default 0, 1 to enable


When enabled, Medics and Lt's will drop packs when gibbed
default 0, 1 to enable


Simulate fps movement advantages for 125 or 333 fps
default 0, 1 = 125 fps, 2 = 333 fps


Checkpoints cannot be re-captured
default 0, 1 = disable recapturing of checkpoints


Enable Shrub like goomba kills
default 0, 1 to enable


Optional override of default goomba damage
default 0, #: g_goombaDmg 999 for instagib at all fall distances


If a player has a helmet, headshot damage is reduced to 20. Ammo replaces a missing helmet.
default 0, 1 to enable


The http server for windows clients to download maps from
default www.s4ndmod.com/downloads


An alternate game mode where all players use an unscoped mauser. Headshots, thrown knives, and some explosions instantly gib
default 0, 1 to enable


Allow kicking of Airstrike cannisters and / or grenades
default 0, bit flagged cvar:

  • 1 - grenades
  • 2 - airstrike cannisters

The amount of damage a thrown knife deals
default 35


The amount of grenades a Lieutenant spawns with
default 1


Display the amount of ammo a teammate currently has
default 0, 1 to enable.


The directory in which to load map specific configs
default ""
example: g_mapconfigs "mapconfigs" will search for omnibot/mapconfigs note: a default.cfg in the map config directory is loaded in cases where a map specific config does not exist


The amount of throwable knives a player can have
default 5


The amount of grenades a Medic spawns with
default 1

g_msg1 - 10

Banner message strings
messages for the banner as strings. g_msg5 = "This is my message" for example


Banner message position
default 0, 0 = console, 1 = chat, 2 = center print


Enable Banner Messages
default 0, 1 to enable


Time in milliseconds for multikill registration
default 1000


Disable global voice chat for spectators
default 0, 1 to mute spectators


Allow lieutenants to supply grenade packs
default 0, 1 to enable


Medics can poison enemy players
default 0, 1 to enable


The amount of damage each tick of poison deals
default 10


Allow player to player private communication
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable gib reporting
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable revive reporting
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable Tap out reporting
default 0, 1 to enable


Enables usage of shortcuts in chat messages
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable Shrub like shoving with +activate'
default 0, 1+ to enable where 1+ is the distance to shove.
example: seta g_shove 60


Disable shoving along Z axis (prevents wall boosting)
default 1, 0 to disable


Allow lieutenants to throw smoke grenades
default 0, 1 to enable


The amount of throwable knives a player starts with
default 0, any number greater than 0 enables usage. -1 grants infinite throwable knives


Unlock all weapons for all classes
default 0, 1 to unlock weapons


Allow damage to be given in warmup
default 0, 1 to enable


Allow players to be revived under water
default 0, 1 to enable

Client Vars


Enable the OSP style announcer sounds
default 0, 1 to enable

  • prepare to fight
  • fight
  • axis win
  • allies win

Disable the blood splotches when taking damage
default 0, 1 to remove the blood splotches


Disable the full screen flash when taking damage
default 0, 1 to remove the flashing


Adjust color of crosshair as string or hex
Default white

Strings for colors:

  • white
  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • orange
  • mdred
  • mdgreen
  • dkgreen
  • mdcyan
  • mdyellow
  • mdorange
  • mdblue
  • ltgrey
  • mdgrey
  • dkgrey
  • black

note: this can also be changed via the in game menu


Toggle the pulsing of crosshair
default 1, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled


Toggle the different modes for display of crosshair names
default 1, 0 = disabled, 1 = white names, 2 = colored names


Enable drawing of kills or current spree in right aligned overlay - version 2 only
default 0, 1 = kills, 2 = current spree


Toggle the drawing of local time in the hud
default 0, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled


Enable drawing of ping in right aligned overlay - version 2 only
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable drawing of speedometer in right aligned overlay - version 2 only
default 0, 1 = mph, 2 = kph, 3 = ups


Enable drawing of the stopwatch sprite - version 2 only
default 1, 0 to disable


Enable flashing of weapon icon on certain events ( firing, etc )
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable OSP goat sound for knife kill - version 2 only
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable playing of sounds when shots hit a player
default 0, 1 to enable


Disable the flash when firing a weapon
default 1, 0 to disable the flashing


Enable usage of OSP fonts in hud. Requires vid_restart
default 0, 1 to enable


Enable info prints when objectives are completed
default 0, 1 to enable

Client Commands


Bet against an opponent that you will kill them before they kill you

/bet <partial name> <num credits>

Buy some items with your earned credits. Players earn credits by killing, completing objectives, and betting other players

/buy <ammo | health | para> 

example: /buy para # purchase a parachute


Displays in console how many credits you have accumulated


An alternative to /kill that does not send the player to limbo. Useful in friendly fire off games to benefit from a quick revive


Send a private message to one or more clients

/pm <full or partial name> <message>

Print current round stats to console

/resettimer - restarts the spawn timer countdown. use this command when you notice an enemy has just respawned 
/timerset <seconds> - the spawn time in seconds for the enemy team

using this command will render enemy spawn time in cyan next to your own spawn time. note that you must use the command /resettimer in order for it to be accurate.


  • crapshoot - integrated omni-bot support, added mod features, waypointing, and scripting
  • DrEvil - creator of the omni-bot framework
  • Jaskot / GeekFestStarter - omni-bot team member
  • AG3NT - provided some mod code, beta testing, waypoints / scripts
  • 420Blunt / FireItUp - beta testing, waypoints / scripts
  • S4NDM4NN - provided some mod code and bug fixes
  • Guerna - dedicated server beta testing
  • TeamWhore / Old Lady Giblet - ubersoldat mod developer, provided some mod code
  • tjw - private messaging code from etpub mod
  • Denny - Fritzbot team member who graciously gave permission to convert his waypoints to omni-bot
  • The BindleStiff - Fritzbot team member who graciously gave permission to convert his waypoints to omni-bot
  • OSP - Announcer sounds, goat sound, fonts and some mod code
  • (LuNaTiC)Marcus - beta testing, feature requests
  • NoQuarter - Killing spree code, debug player hitbox code
  • Chruker - some bug fix code from project bug fix
  • etpub - LUA api code, fling code, spawn timer code
  • splashdamage - antilag code in the et sdk
  • |ToaK|JD - feature requests, bug reports, beta testing, hosting of several omnibot rtcw servers
  • n00b-l00ps - mp_depot waypoint improvements
  • madaaron - feature requests