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Omni-bot Wiki
A database of 73 files and 97 articles, Today is Wednesday 23 October 2019

Welcome to Omni-bot Wiki,

a place to find comprehensive information about Omni-bot.

Basic Omni-bot Info

Omni-bot is an artificial intelligence(AI) controlled opponent for first person shooter games. Unlike many bots that are written for specific games, Omni-bot was designed from the beginning to exist mostly as a generic framework with which support for many different games can be made, and most of the functionality can be shared among them.

What is a bot?

What is a Omni-bot?

See Supported Games for a current list of games that Omni-bot supports.

Current Omni-bot Developers

Past Omni-bot Developers

  • Magik - Developer.
  • Geekfeststarter - Developer.
  • Crapshoot - Developer.
  • A large and helpful community of contributors for navigation and scripting support for various maps.