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Omni-Bot F.A.Q.

General Questions

How do I customize the bots names ?

Open the autoexec.gm script for the game you wish to customize names for. For ET, the file is called et_autoexec.gm, for Quake4 it is called q4_autoexec.gm, and so on.

Inside you will see a table being constructed that associate names with a profile script.

Here's what the q4_autoexec.gm looks like at the time of this writing.

Names["[BOT]Walter"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Fred"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Morgan"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Lawrence"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Richard"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Michael"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Brad"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]George"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Anton"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Monty"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Bean"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Sean"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Backfire"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Halfwit"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Halfbaked"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Fullmonty"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Nohope"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Hitnrun"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Missnrun"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Oysterhead"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Fullthrottle"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Noammo"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Bullseye"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Aimless"] = "def_bot.gm";
Names["[BOT]Blackadder"] = "def_bot.gm";

When a bot is added to the game without a name specified, it will choose a random available name from the ones listed. Each name has a profile associated with it, in this case all of these names have def_bot.gm, which is typically common for most games. The profile script is a way to customize a particular bot. You can script additional features or modifications to existing features into a script and associate the script with a specific bot name in order to have varying yet consistent behavior. Look here for more on customizing your Omni-bots.

To add additional names, simply add another line with a new name.

Normally there should be at least as many names as there are player slots available in the game, though you can add more and Omni-bot will randomly choose between all of them.

Small note : you don't have to add the prefix [BOT] to the name of the bot, but it would be fair or at least informative to let the players on your server know in a glance that Omni-bot is enabled and running.

ET Related

How To Adjust The Difficulty

Use command /bot difficulty

How To Edit Waypoints

Here you have the Omni-bot Waypointing general info page.

How To use Custom Waypoints

When you've downloaded a custom map, your Omni-bots will need a waypoint file for that map.

When you've downloaded a waypoint file for a custom ET map, you simply put the *.way and *.gm files inside your : ... \et\nav directory.

Currently released waypoints can be found in the Assembla SVN repository.

How To Run Omni-bot On Windows(tm) Home Server

Here's a small description on how to make a quick -vanilla ET + Omni-bot server run on your Win32 home computer. You should be able to let some Omni-bots run and also view and edit or create waypoints for the maps with it.

If not already :

  • Install Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory
  • Run the patch 2.60b
  • Install the latest Omni-Bot version

When the above is installed you'll see a new shortcut in your Start Menu : Omni-Bot ET. The new shortcut is also on your desktop. When you click on this shortcut you will start Enemy Territory with the mod : Omni-bot. In this way you will still have to go through the ingame menu to host and or play on your own server.

To avoid this hassle every time here below there's the double click way to start your own server. Make a shortcut like this on your desktop or wherever you want :

    "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +set dedicated 0 +set fs_game omnibot +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec server.cfg
  • +set dedicated 0 *a server, to be played on as well by the server host (=you)
  • +set fs_game omnibot *set the gametype, make sure to set this if you want to start waypointing
  • +set com_hunkmegs 64 *allocates a certain amount of memory for map and item loading
  • +exec server.cfg *server settings, your server configuration file which gets executed, in directory 'etmain, if you put a .cfg in your modfolder this gets executed, this comes in handy if you want to run different mods'

Note : The above settings are called Cvar's (server variables) more on : Cvar's

After you made the shortcut, you should be able to start and run the Omni-bot server with it.

More and in depth info : Advanced Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Server Setup Guide

There's also a pdf file for download.

How To Run Omni-bot On Linux Home Server

    #et +set fs_game omnibot +set com_hunkmegs 64

Make sure you've read the information on Installing Omni-bot.

How To Quickly Add The Omni-bots To Your server

There are -in short- 3 ways :

  • Via the : MinBots & MaxBots Omni-bot commands *set those in your et_autoexec.gm. file, in the directory 'scripts'
  • Via the 'bot addbot' console command, f.e to add a Axis Covert type : "\bot addbot 1 5 Covert-Axis"
  • Via a omni-bot.cfg, a file in which you put the above 'bot addbot' command as many times you want a bot with a selected class.

Example 1 omni-bot.cfg :

// start
// bot addbot <team> <class> <name>
// save f.e as : omni-bot.cfg -in same folder where your server.cfg is-
// put the line : exec omni-bot.cfg in your server.cfg to add bots automatic on map start
bot addbot 1 1 Soldat-Axis
bot addbot 1 2 Sani-Axis
bot addbot 1 3 Engi-Axis
bot addbot 1 4 Leut-Axis
bot addbot 1 5 Covert-Axis
bot addbot 2 1 Soldier-Allied
bot addbot 2 2 Medic-Allied
bot addbot 2 3 Engi-Allied
bot addbot 2 4 Leut-Allied
bot addbot 2 5 Covert-Allied
// eof

Example 2 omni-bot2.cfg :

// start
bot minbots 0
bot maxbots 10
// eof

Example 3 omni-bot3.cfg :

// kicks all bots from server
// start
bot kickall
// eof

Omni-bot and Other Mods

Running Omni-bot with Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory is also possible in combination with several other mods.

Setting up a mod server to run with Omni-bot isn't much different from running Omni-bot with vanilla etmain.

  • Reassure yourself that the Omni-bot & mod version you are trying to run are fully compatible. (See Download Omni-Bot ET)
  • Use the included readme file in the mod folder or check their website and or forum, f.e. to get more info on Omni-bot specific cvars for your mod.
  • Important Note : waypoints can be edited only in omnibot mod.

Mod Folders & Mod Versions

The modfolders called omnibot, jaymod, etpub & noquarter should all (if installed) be at the same level as the etmain folder.
So after you install the mod you can create a new shortcut that points to the specific mod (folder) like :

  • ETPub
 "C:\...\ET.exe" +set fs_game etpub +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec pubserver.cfg 
  • Jaymod
 "C:\...\ET.exe" +set fs_game jaymod +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec jayserver.cfg 
  • NQ
 "C:\...\ET.exe" +set fs_game noquarter +set com_hunkmegs 64 +exec nqserver.cfg 

You'll notice that the only thing in the shortcut line changing is the setting of fs_game.

Also you can set some Cvars which are specific to your mod into your (mod)server.cfg.

Mod Specific Cvars

ET Mod Omni-bot Specific Cvars Link Mod Version Documentation Link
ET Pub Omni-bot ET Pub 0.8.1 0.8.1
Jaymod Omni-bot Jaymod 2.1.5 2.1.6 2.1.7
NQ Omni-bot NQ 1.1.1

Note :

Version 2.0.6 of Jaymod is the latest of the "stable" branch and runs with Omni-Bot version 0.61.

General Cvars

Whatever mod you are running, the server.cfg needs to be configured before players can connect. If you are renting a server then your game server provider will probably do the initial configuration for you.

The list is not to be said : complete. You as a server admin have to tweak it !

Here below are the most common ones.

  • set dedicated "2" : change to 1 if you use the server on a LAN, change to 0 if you use it to be played on as well by the server host (=you)
  • set net_ip "" : set to override the default IP ET uses. No need to change
  • set net_port "27970" : set to override the default port ET uses. Default port is 27960 but some server providers use other ports. Should already be set correctly if you rent a server
  • set sv_maxclients "22" : number of maximum players that can be connected on the server including private slots. If you are renting then this is controlled by your provider and changing it will have no effect
  • set g_password "" : set a password to lock the server. Players will be prompted for password when they connect. You can lock server e.g. during scrims
  • set sv_privateclients "2" : if set > 0, then this number of client slots will be reserved only for people who have the privatepassword (see below)
  • set sv_privatepassword "your password" : if you have defined private slots then you should define a password for them as well
  • set rconpassword "your_rcon_ password" : this is the most important password. Access to it should be strictly restricted to people who change the configuration and manage the server at this level. People who have this password can have full server control
  • set refereePassword "your_ref_password" : this will set the password for a referee. If you are running any of the mods this will be useful because you can assign people referee status to administer the server. Referees can shuffle teams, put players in teams or spectator, kick players etc. Again, be careful about who you give ref access.
  • set sv_wwwDownload "1" : if you have custom maps on your server then make sure you have this set at 1. Otherwise players won't be able to download them
  • set sv_wwwBaseURL "http://myre-direct.com" : if you are re-directing your downloads then here is where you set the url.
  • set g_friendlyFire "1" : set this to 0 if you don't want Friendly Fire on i.e. if set to 1, you can kill your team mates
  • set g_teamforcebalance "1" : if you have this set to 1 then the server won't allow a player to join a team which has already one player more than the other team. If set to 0 then it will be easier to end up with unequal teams in terms of numbers
  • set g_voiceChatsAllowed "4" : this is the maximum number of chats someone can spam chat with. Make this too big and you risk a lot of spamming
  • set g_warmup "60" : warm-up time i.e. the number of seconds prior to starting the game. Make sure this is long enough to allow players to connect after the end of the previous map. You can increase it e.g. during scrims to allow people more time to organise
  • set vote_allow_kick "1" : if you set this as 1 then players will be allowed to vote-kick someone out of the server
  • exec maprotation.cfg : set this as your map rotation config file.

General Server Setup Tips

  • Use a 'shortcut' to startup your server.
  • Start your server with a 'basic settings' server.cfg. (f.e. for ET use the server.cfg in your mod folder)
  • Make back-ups of (all) your server configuration files!
  • Add the cvars you want to run the server with gradually, so you can always revert to a previous version when something is wrong.