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Omni-Bot Dev Menu System (DMS)

This is as the name suggests a Menu to help you with the new Omni-bot commands & to save you from having to open the console to manually type common commands that you are not likely to have binded.

This guide is just an overview; it is recommended that you read the wiki on Goal specific instructions so you understand what the menu actually does.

Note: This Menu will only run in Omni-Bot Version 8.


You can download the file from the Tools download section


It is strongly advised that you do not use this with any other menu files.

This file should not be installed on a remote/rented server.

Just place the OB_DMS.pk3 file in your omnibot folder (not omni-bot)

Accessing the menu

Open console and type


Or bind to a key

/bind v omnibotmenu

You can also access the menu by opening the standard Voicechat Menu (normally the V key) and pressing 8

The Menu

The menu comprises of 6 colour coded sections.


Draw Goals.

Create Goals/Bot Roles.




DMS Main.jpg


Waypoints on/off.

View waypoint/facing on/off.

Waypoint Setname – All you have to do now is select this and type your waypoint name in the text box.

All relevent waypoint functions.

DMS WP.jpg

Draw Goals

3 Menus allowing you to turn all goals on/off & select individual goal types.

DMS Draw.jpg

Create Goals

This is split into 3 menus depending on what type of goal you are creating.

Camp, Map & Weapon

These menus allow you to simply select a Goal type then create & edit various options that apply to each goal type without having to remember each individual command using a single key.

DMS Create.jpg DMS Create2.jpg


Further options to edit goals etc

DMS Edit.jpg DMS Edit2.jpg

DMS Edit3.jpg


Basically some useful standard Omni-bot commands that you might not normally have binded

DMS Comm.jpg

Adding bots/Test Bots quick way to add bots.

DMS Addbot.jpg DMS Addbot2.jpg


Allows you to change the following


Player Speed.

Game Speed – Advise use Time 0 (timelimit 0) with this.

Set timer to unlimited

Set Cheats on/off (activates sv_cheats without running devmap)


Give All

No Clip

No Fatigue


Give Skill

DMS Cheats.jpg


Set recharge to 10 for each class

Set Spawn times to 1 second

Requires a map restart to work for all in this section

DMS Cvars.jpg


MickyP - Menu Creator

Crapshoot - Adding the commands into the omnibot mod to make this work & various edits

Stoned-Aimlezz - Original Cheats menu maker

Ailmanki - Idea for the Waypointing & Addbots section