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The latest version of Omni-Bot for Enemy Territory and the latest and best waypoints and scripts can be downloaded from Assembla Subversion (SVN) repository. Because it is development version, there may be bugs. Don't install it on public dedicated server unless you have tested all maps on your PC at home.

  • Install svn client. Recommended svn client for Windows is TortoiseSVN.
  • Create new empty omni-bot folder. Right-click the folder and select TortoiseSVN - Checkout from the pop up menu. Then enter URL of repository: 

Click OK and wait for the entire repository to be downloaded.

  • Set your games omnibot_path cvar to wherever you checked out the repository. Doing so will remove the need to copy files after every update.
  • omnibot subfolder contains the omnibot mod and you must copy it into "Enemy Territory" folder. It must be at the same directory level as etmain folder.
  • Always perform an update before working with any files in the repository. This will ensure that you have all of the latest files from other team members. This can be done by right-clicking the folder and selecting TortoiseSVN - Update.
  • If you want to upload your waypoints to the repository, you must create account on Send your username to palota or DrEvil on omni-bot web site and ask them to give you write permission.
  • If your waypoints are not yet completed, move them from nav folder into incomplete_navs folder. Waypoints in the nav folder must have good routes, bots must be able to finish all objectives, there must be enough defend goals, bots must not stuck on ladders etc.
  • If you have created new waypoints, select all 3 files (nav, gm, goals), right-click on them and select TortoiseSVN - Add.
  • Then right-click on selected files or the omni-bot folder and select TortoiseSVN - Commit. It will open a popup window in which you can select files and also write some commit message. The message should start with a map name. It is always a good idea to add notes so that other team members could easily see what changes have been made. Once you have ensured all of the right files are selected and commit notes have been added, click OK to upload the files.
  • Before you start making new waypoints, you should create a ticket on page Click a New Ticket button, enter the map name to the summary textbox, choose your name in the Assigned to selector and then click Create ticket button.
  • When you have finished your waypoints and want to move them from incomplete_navs to nav folder, use command TortoiseSVN - Rename. Then add relative path ..\..\nav\ before the file name. Do not use commands Delete and Add because it would delete all log and history !