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Vec3 inside an AABB, AABB.Contains(Vec3) returns 0

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Good evening,


I'm writing for Gold Finger a little method to check if a bot is inside the elevator shaft but not inside the elevator itself, in which case the bot simply self-kills


It's working well for the elevator, but not the shaft...


Here're two screenshots of what's going on: https://imgur.com/a/1iQOB75

(First screen is a bit old, I had some vars in Map and not in the method back then)


I've drawn the 3 things to really visually check heh...

You can see the value is OK for the elevator, and the shaft check always returns 0, even though the red thingy is inside



The code, running through a thread:

    ManageElevatorStuckage = function()
        sleepTime = 1;
        elevatorEntity = GetEntityByName( "t92" );
        elevatorShaft =  AABB( -65, -250, 1442, 38, -366, 8 );
        while ( 1 )
            // Some drawing to see what's going on, and if it's going well...
            DrawEntityAABB( elevatorEntity, sleepTime, COLOR.YELLOW );
            DrawDebugAABB( elevatorShaft, COLOR.CYAN, sleepTime );
            // TODO: The GameEntity is kept up to date, extracting AABB perhaps not, so this is OK?
            elevatorEntityAABB = GetEntWorldAABB( elevatorEntity );
            //Util.MapDebugPrint( "elevatorEntityAABB = " + ToString( elevatorEntityAABB ), true );
            foreach ( id and bot in BotTable )
                Util.MapDebugPrint( "Bot: " + bot.Name, true );
                // Get the bot eye position for intersection checks
                botEyePosition = GetEntEyePosition( bot.GetGameEntity() );
                if ( !botEyePosition )
                    Util.MapDebugPrint( bot.Name + "^b hasn't eyes...", true );
                // Temp test to see a line from the bot's head...
                testVec3 = Vec3( botEyePosition.x + 10, botEyePosition.y + 10, botEyePosition.z + 10 );
                DrawDebugLine( botEyePosition, testVec3, COLOR.RED, sleepTime );
                //Util.MapDebugPrint( "botEyePosition = " + ToString( botEyePosition ), true );
                Util.MapDebugPrint( "elevatorShaft.Contains( botEyePosition ) = " + ToString( elevatorShaft.Contains( botEyePosition ) ), true );
                Util.MapDebugPrint( "!elevatorEntityAABB.Contains( botEyePosition ) = " + ToString( !elevatorEntityAABB.Contains( botEyePosition ) ), true );
                // If this position is inside the shaft but not inside the elevator,
                // Simply kill the bot... Enough of this
                if ( elevatorShaft.Contains( botEyePosition ) && !elevatorEntityAABB.Contains( botEyePosition ) )
                    bot.ExecCommand( "kill" );
                    Util.MapDebugPrint( bot.Name + "^b was in the elevator shaft but not the elevator itself...", true );
            // This is an infinite loop...
            sleep( sleepTime );

Really written "shaft contains bot's eyes"...


Attached the whole script if you're willing to look at it whole


I can't see what's wrong? :'(


Edit: Could it be something about the way I defined that AABB? :/


Thank you ^^'

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Upper bounds of AABB must be greater than lower bounds. That's why AABB( -65, -250, 1442, 38, -366, 8 ) is invalid and AABB( -65, -366, 8, 38, -250, 1442 ) is correct.

But I don't like killing bots. It would be better to modify the paththrough navigation. You could check the position after pressing the elevator button. If the bot is still at the bottom of the shaft then he should go out and try again.


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Thank you, I expected something like this yeah


The handling at the bottom works; the problem is when a bot is stuck above the elevator


Well I can simply check if the position is inside the shaft and above the elevator for the suicide condition then

And inject in the path through the position check as well, so a bot thinking he's in while actually being below will exit the loop and then exit the shaft


Edit: What are the properties of the AABB object? Wiki supplied operations but not these; just to reach the top Z value

Edited by Mateos, 28 March 2020 - 10:42 AM.


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