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Roles defined later during map progress

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Good evening,


For 1944 Overlord, I’d like to set up roles for the Library, only when both documents are available (down and upstairs)


On map load, for Axis, AllBots is false, because there’s no role at that time, then one is added when the Axis Bunker Wall is destroyed, but I don’t want all bots to do it…


First try, I did not make the table in Map.Roles.AXIS, and I had 0 bots affected to the goals having the roles


Then, I’ve added the two tables with voice and numbots, and I had 1 bot per role…


The thing is, at this step, beside Engineer goals, there’s only DEFEND goals for Axis, so I had Axis bots roaming around without any objective, while there were room for goals with roles…


I tried to do Map.Roles.AXIS.AllBots = true; before adding the roles to the goals, doesn’t change anything



// If both conditions are met, add roles to them
// Else, clear the roles
if ( Map.areLowerDocumentsAvailable && Map.areUpperDocumentsReachable )
    Map.Roles.AXIS.AllBots = true;

    Util.SetRoleForTable( Goals.Axis.Library.Bottom, Roles.Axis.Library.Bottom );
    Util.SetRoleForTable( Goals.Axis.Library.Top, Roles.Axis.Library.Top );
    Util.ClearRoleForTable( Goals.Axis.Library.Bottom, Roles.Axis.Library.Bottom );
    Util.ClearRoleForTable( Goals.Axis.Library.Top, Roles.Axis.Library.Top );

What am I missing here?


Attached the current script


Attached Files




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AllBots=true must be defined in Map.Roles table. It cannot change during game because bots choose their role once when they are added to game.

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