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Bots going to a specific vec3 location..

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Hi all,


I'm using a number of _this.Goto(Vec3(x,y,z)); commands to get the bots going to specific spots on the map as part of a number of different path through navigation points, but the bots dont seem to go to the exact Vec3 specified.. They're close to it, but not exact.


Can anyone tell me the best way to ensure the bot goes to an exact Vec3 please?


I've scripted my way around the bots not being able to use the mounted MG42s in the assault towers on Baserace manually, but I'm finding that once the bots are using the longer ladder and strafing to the right to get off it they are no longer lined up on the MG42s as they are when the middle ladder is used.


All the waypoints from the top of the middle ladder to the MG42 are set to a radius of 5.00 and when using the middle ladder, the bot climbs the ladder, follows the path and mounts the gun. Using the longer ladder though, the bot strafes to the right, drops onto the platform and then doesnt correct its course enough on those same waypoints to hit the path throughs further on and so it doesnt mount the MG42. If I put the destination waypoint for the strafing movement in just the right spot and add a new waypoint behind the ladder on the platform, the change in direction over to the ladder waypoint and back to the original path corrects the course and the bot is able to mount the MG42 again. The right spot is very specific though and its quite hard to find a spot that results in the majority of attempts succeeding vs the bot dropping off the ladder.


I know I can use a smaller radius for the waypoint, but the Vec3s being specified are all at the centre of the waypoints and I'm already using 5.00 and didnt think going smaller would be what I wanted. Plus, it all works aside from that initial drop onto the platform from the longer ladder :)


Thanks in advance!



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Function Goto has the second optional parameter tolerance, but it is usually not needed if the Vec3 is same as waypoint position.

If you need higher precision, you must use command waypoint_addflag sneak.

If bots cannot mount mg42, you can try to change mg42 position by Util.SetGoalOffset.


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