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Omni-bot 0.86 Released

Omni-bot 0.86 for Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein have been released.
We are pleased to announce new version of Omni-Bot for ET and RTCW. You can download it here.
Many waypoints are not yet finished, but you can always download latest waypoints from the Assembla repository. Omni-bot can load waypoints from both nav and incomplete_navs folders.
You can download 64-bit binaries for both Linux and Windows. They require ET:Legacy or iortcw. They should be installed only on dedicated servers. Do not install 64-bit version on your home PC because you would not be able to connect to public multi-player servers.
We have also successfully compiled Omni-bot for ARM processor. It's possible to run RTCW 0.85 server on Raspberry Pi computer.
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no more fox bot?

wheres the fox bot gui?

question :

omnibot works in tfc?

May 14 2017 01:38 AM

Where is the download link? I'm new to this whole situation. Just trying to get my RTCW to work and it lead me here. Any Help?