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File Information

  • Submitted: Oct 23 2013 12:07 AM
  • Last Updated: Oct 24 2013 12:00 AM
  • File Size: 17.14MB
  • Views: 10285
  • Downloads: 2,801

Download Omni-bot Return to Castle Wolfenstein 0.81

- - - - -
RTCW Return to Castle Wolfenstein

0.82 RTCW Change Log
  • Mod
    • Added betting system
    • Added dropped weapons include ammo from clips
    • Added g_mutespecs cvar
    • Added Round End trigger passes along winning team
    • Added /injure command for self kills without limbo
    • Added g_kickItems for kickable airstrikes and grenades
    • Added lua binding for etpub style fling command
    • Added g_binocs to unlock binoculars for different classes
    • Added auto cancellation of complaints if team killer revives the player
    • Added g_unlockWeapons for allowing all classes to use heavy weapons
    • Added g_flagLock to disable recapturing of checkpoints
    • Added lua binding for SetTeam which ignores restrictions
    • Added lua binding for setting map while preserving nextmap ( so rotations continue to run )
    • Added g_poisonDmg
    • Fixed hitbox for injured players
    • Fixed several issues related to extraClips and weapon / ammo pickups
    • Fixed dyno chaining to not explode enemy dynamite
    • Fixed max lives temp bans to not be enforced for bots
    • Fixed remove weapon event to not be called for bots entering limbo
    • Fixed unnecessary /killing for bots in some instances
    • Fixed defuse event to always be fired for bots
    • Fixed GetEntityTeam for dynamite
    • Fixed buffer overrun in the say_team command
    • Fixed bots avoiding team grenades / airstrikes when friendly fire is disabled
    • Fixed revived client sometimes being warped to wrong client
    • Fixed an aim spread issue for smg's
    • Fixed and re-enabled g_antilag
    • Fixed bug with multikill
    • Fixed goombas to ignore dmflags
    • Improved the /follow command to accept a partial name
    • Increased range for dragCorpse
    • Removed buggy g_smoothclients cvar
    • Replaced death spree award with knife kill award
    • Several code cleanups based on valgrind output, gcc warnings, and static analysis tools
  • Bot
    • Fixed mg.SetRoles and mg.ClearRoles to preserve existing roles
    • Fixed b.SetRoles and b.ClearRoles to preserve existing roles
    • Fixed duplicate GetPriority calls when a bot spawned
    • Fixed crash in waypoint_mirror command
    • Fixed script goal OnSpawn callback
    • Fixed option table parameter in GotoRandomAsync and GotoRandom script functions
    • Fixed potential buffer overrun in CheckWaypointForGoal
    • Changed PostMapLoad to not require a map script
    • Updated PHYSFS from 1.1.1 to 2.0.2
  • Goals
    • Added optional UseAsync property to goal_paththrough_useswitch
    • Added traceline property to grenade goal (thx palota )
    • Added count property to grenade goal to limit number of grenades thrown (thx palota)
    • Added bots will search for unarmed dynamite at plant goals
    • Added disablecm property to camp type goals to disable combat movement
    • Added Range property to script goals
    • Added RandomUsePoint property for randomizing position for bot to use a goal
    • Added "peek" stance to camp type goals for duck and cover emulation
    • Fixed dispenseammo to not activate when a bot is revived (thx palota)
    • Fixed issues with goal_paththrough_artillery
    • Fixed issues with delivering supplies
    • Fixed bots sometimes not delivering objectives
    • Moved checkpoint goal to script
    • Moved defuse goal to script
    • Moved repairmg42 goal to script
    • Moved revive goal to script
  • Scripts
    • Added regular expression support for route tables (thx palota)
    • Added support for passing a table of roles to util functions that set and clear roles
    • Added Util.FindClosestGoal() (thx d00d)
    • Added automated end of round bot chat
    • Fixed script errors on bot disconnect in goal_voicechat
    • Fixed issues in server_manager.gm
    • Fixed issues with the role manager (thx palota)
    • Moved ClassPrimaryWeaponChoice from global to bot
    • Removed death event from class manager (thx palota)
    • Seperated class manager logic into rtcw_classmanager.gm for global accessibility
  • Waypoints
    • Several fixes and improvements to existing waypoints and four new maps supported

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