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File Information

  • Submitted: Oct 23 2015 11:11 PM
  • Last Updated: Oct 24 2015 09:52 AM
  • File Size: 25.1MB
  • Views: 8026
  • Downloads: 10,424

Previous Versions

  • 23 Oct 2015 Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.85

Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.85

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Release packages for 0.85.
Read installation instructions on wiki.

What's New in Version 0.85 (See full changelog)

  • 64-bit ET:Legacy is supported
  • === BOT ===
  • Added functions IsNull, SetGoalRole, ClearGoalRole, GetLocalCommand, Wp.GetClosestWaypoint
  • Added waypoint navigation flag INFILTRATOR
  • Added function Log has optional parameter: 0=info, 1=warning, 2=error, 3=critical
  • Added path not found message if goal is unreachable
  • Added parameter to SetAvailableMapGoals to ignore error if goal does not exist
  • Added constants DEBUG.FPINFO, DEBUG.EVENTS
  • Added timeout when bot is waiting for a medic
  • Added waypoints are loaded from nav and incomplete_navs folders
  • Added bot has default spawn point at start
  • Improved ReloadGoalScripts replaces scripts for all bots, it's not necessary to kick them
  • Improved navigation at beginning and end of path
  • Changed current goal is not aborted if bot is stuck and finds new path to the goal
  • Changed ScriptGoal is delayed or disabled after script exception
  • Changed global Server table is initialized even if map has no waypoints
  • Changed IsStuck returns true if StuckTime is equal to parameter
  • Changed functions SetGoalPriority, SetMapGoalProperties, SetGoalRole, ClearGoalRole print error message if goal does not exist
  • Fixed crash in Omnibot_LoadLibrary if omnibot_et.dll was not a valid Win32 application
  • Fixed function UnitCircleNormalize
  • Fixed IsStuck returned false if bot was stuck and jumped
  • Fixed IsEntityValid called GetEntityClass if entity handle was invalid
  • Fixed gm table indexes of type Vector3
  • Fixed current goal was instantly aborted if LimitTo was used inside Enter
  • Fixed deleted ROUTE goal remained visible
  • Optimized updating blocked or dynamic paths
  • Optimized Goto if bot is already at destination
  • Removed goal loading and weapon loading messages from log file
  • === MOD ===
  • Added injure command has optional parameter new health
  • Fixed DEFUSE event was not triggered if player was between dynamite and objective
  • Fixed Axis engineer got XP for defusing his own dynamite
  • Fixed error SP_team_WOLF_objective exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGETS
  • Fixed some interface functions could crash if entity handle was invalid
  • === GOALS ===
  • Added Wait property to BUILD goal to wait after objective is constructed
  • Added timeout message to SWITCH goal
  • Changed medics don't kill teammate who is carrying a flag
  • Changed MOUNT goal offsets are ignored if bot is already near tank
  • Changed disablecm property of CAMP goal is toggled if goal_setproperty command has only 1 parameter
  • Improved Util.SetMaxUsersInUse can be used to limit number of planted dynamites
  • Improved bots don't use occupied offsets of ESCORT goal
  • Improved medic does not reload after every bullet when killing teammate for revive and he gives medkits if he fails to kill
  • Fixed all CAMP goals were aborted every 3 seconds if tank was mouted by human or enemy
  • Fixed bots often killed themselves in combat
  • Fixed bots were stuck forever if they met in a narrow corridor
  • Fixed engineer waited 0.25 seconds before planting dynamite
  • Fixed ESCORT, MOUNT, RIDE goals are delayed only once and not after every spawn or revive
  • === SCRIPTS ===
  • Added Util.GetGoal, Util.GetGoals, Util.RandomChat, Util.GetPriority
  • Added Util.MapDebugPrint writes warning to log file if last parameter is 2
  • Added Util.ScriptDebugPrint writes warning to log file if message is printed to console
  • Added Util.OnTriggerPosition parameter can be Vector3 instead of waypoint name
  • Added all pathfailed messages contain waypoint UID and blackboard delay is randomized
  • Added AxisBotPrefix and AlliedBotPrefix in et_botnames_ext.gm
  • Changed Util.GetTableValue is case insensitive
  • Changed LimitToClass, ExcludeClass, RollCall moved from ETUtil to Util
  • Changed Util.RandomSpawn does not run in new thread
  • Changed Util.ChangeSpawnForRole changes spawnpt in Map.Roles table
  • Fixed some functions (Util.SetMaxUsers, Util.OnTriggerPosition, ...) did not print any error message if goal did not exist
  • Fixed error in Util.UpdateSwitchData if WaypointName was undefined
  • Removed Util.AddBotKickWhenDead, Util.WaitForPlayerSpawn, Util.FollowWaypoints, Util.SetPropertyTeamClassGoal, Util.BotsWithGoal, Util.TeamClassCounter, Util.TestGoalPriorities, Util.AllTeamPlayers, Util.QueryGoal
  • Removed global table bot.QueryGoalsTable
  • === WEAPONS ===
  • Added KNIFE_KABAR, MOBILE_BROWNING, MORTAR2 in NoQuarter 1.2.7 or older
  • === COMMANDS ===
  • Added help with parameter prints usage info for that command
  • Added debugbot parameters planner, steer, target
  • Added waypoint_unsplit command
  • Changed bvp and cvp has only 2 parameters - goal and time
  • Removed bvpo and cvpo commands
  • Removed debug command
  • Removed assignment to variable in trigger_bounds
  • Improved waypoint_stats prints number of connections
  • Improved tracearty all prints goal names
  • Fixed waypoint_mirror of selected waypoints
  • === TOOLS ===
  • Route Maker does not require windows-1252 code page, output script is copied to clipboard
  • === WAYPOINTS ===
  • 1944_huertgen_final2x_mas
  • alps2_pb
  • capuzzo
  • castle_trap
  • cathedral_te
  • ctf_cradle
  • ctf_temple_b1
  • element_b4_1
  • et_november
  • frost2_final
  • highnoon
  • mia1d
  • mp_communique
  • oldbones_b1
  • praetoria_m3
  • rabenhorst_final
  • road2amiens_b2
  • steal_v1
  • storage_facility_fp
  • targetpush
  • temple_of_dal
  • t_whatever
  • uje_mall
  • uje_trainstation
  • watten
  • zombie_city

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