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File Information

  • Submitted: Dec 05 2014 10:55 PM
  • Last Updated: Jun 12 2015 03:00 PM
  • File Size: 36.05MB
  • Views: 5545
  • Downloads: 4,139

Previous Versions

  • 17 Dec 2014 Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.84
  • 05 Dec 2014 Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.84

Download Omni-Bot Enemy Territory 0.84

- - - - -

Release packages for 0.84.

What's New in Version 0.84 (See full changelog)

  • infected mod is supported
  • === BOT ===
  • Added 0.71 interface (NoQuarter 1.2.7)
  • Added trigger Flag dropped
  • Added new functions IsCarryingFlag, CanGrabItem, GetNearestDestination, GetAllEnemy, GetAllAlly
  • Added TraceLine returns contents and surface
  • Added DistanceBetween and DistanceTo parameters can be MapGoals
  • Added GetGoals and QueryGoals have parameter Sort (values are none,priority,name,random)
  • Added GetWaypointByGUID and GetAllWaypoints return waypoint name in result table
  • Added Goto parameter can be a table of vectors
  • Added HasAmmo can have 2 parameters (ammotype, amount)
  • Added GetNearest,GetNearestEnemy,GetNearestAlly can search for multiple classes
  • Added constants SURFACE.SLICK and SURFACE.LADDER
  • Added file names in gm script error messages
  • Added et_autoexec_user.gm is executed after et_autoexec.gm
  • Added SetAvailableMapGoals 3rd parameter can be a table of goal expressions
  • Changed MaxUsers trackers are separate for each team
  • Changed QueryGoals and GetGoals delete all items from table before writing result
  • Changed GetGoals does not sort goals by priority
  • Changed console commands are sent to goals even if they are handled by global Commands table
  • Changed BlackboardDelay,MarkInProgress,MarkInUse do not require mapgoal parameter
  • Changed blocked waypoint connections are visible, color is dark grey
  • Changed errors from SetAvailableMapGoals are printed by Util.MapDebugPrint
  • Fixed crash if dlclose fails (if Jaymod is used without LD_PRELOAD)
  • Fixed crash in ClientJoined event
  • Fixed Finished did not work inside Enter callback
  • Fixed condition if(vector) failed if vector.x was zero
  • Fixed GetUsePoint
  • Fixed ConfigGet with 2 parameters saved null to config file
  • Optimized region triggers
  • Optimized initialization of file system and weapons
  • Removed options [Script]/Debug, [Script]/EnableRemoteDebugger, [Debug Render]/EnableInterProcess, [Downloader]
  • Removed empty lines in error messages
  • === MOD ===
  • Added killing messages can be disabled by cvar cg_obituary
  • Added cvar omnibot_render_distance to limit waypoint drawing distance from the player
  • Added spectator position on the map
  • Changed InitialDelayTime can be less than 10 seconds on dedicated servers
  • Changed drawing does not use boost interprocess library
  • Changed spectator can see all players on the map
  • Changed warmup can be less than 10 seconds
  • Changed message "Omni-bot Loaded Successfully" is printed only after successful initialization
  • Fixed spectator position was wrong and spectator could not edit waypoints
  • Fixed GetEntityOwner sometimes returned invalid entity
  • Fixed crash if print parameter was too long
  • Fixed UpdateGoalEntity was called even if omnibot_enable was changed from 1 to 0
  • Optimized drawing of waypoint radius
  • Added version info to DLL files
  • === GOALS ===
  • Disabled waiting for medic in NoQuarter mod because of weapon spread bug
  • Removed many useless properties from goals gm file in nav folder
  • Changed high level goals were moved from library to gm scripts
  • Changed ROAMING goal chooses any goal available to bot's team, ignoring class and MaxUsers
  • Changed DEFUSE goal prefers dynamite which has been planted sooner if there are 2 dynamites at the same objective
  • Changed FLAGRETURN goal has limited range
  • Changed REVIVE is disabled on ice
  • Changed Covertops don't steal uniform when mounting mg42
  • Changed resetxp is used only in Jaymod, NoQuarter, Bastardmod, ETBlight
  • Improved MOUNTMG42 can be used concurrently by both teams (neutral mg42 in goldrush)
  • Improved soldier does not shoot MORTAR if stupid fieldops stands in front of him to deliver ammo
  • Added timedout message in CHECKPOINT, REVIVE, MOUNT, MOUNTMG42, REPAIRMG42
  • Fixed priority was not reset to zero after map goal became unavailable
  • Fixed new ARTILLERY_S or ARTILLERY_D goals were sometimes created in ground
  • Fixed disguised covertops was shooting and lost disguise
  • Fixed error if test bot was kicked during Goto
  • Fixed GRENADE did not work in NoQuarter mod if goal had Count=1
  • === SCRIPTS ===
  • Improved server manager to balance number of humans and bots
  • Added Util.ChangeCrucialClassForRole
  • Added Util.QueryGoal, Util.InvalidGoal, Util.RouteTo
  • Added region type in debug messages when entering/exiting re-usable region trigger
  • Changed debug messages in disablepush,disablecm,breakabledist regions are printed only for bots
  • Changed Util.UpdateSwitchData is called automatically by paththrough switch
  • === WEAPONS ===
  • Added throwable knives in etpub mod
  • Added WeaponType "item"
  • Added BAZOOKA in Legacy mod
  • Changed rifle grenades have limited range
  • Changed SetDesirabilityRange can be less than DefaultDesirability
  • Changed sniper weapons have smaller AimError
  • Fixed flamethrower was used at long distances (bug in 0.83)
  • === COMMANDS ===
  • Added cleargoalflags command to delete obsolete 0.71 goal flags
  • Improved sag command (ShowActiveGoals) prints priorities and roles
  • Improved sei command (ShowEntityInfo) prints entity categories
  • Improved rollcall command prints roles, goal, weapon, ammo, health, difficulty, view distance, reaction time
  • Improved tracearty command renders pink line to point of collision if trace fails
  • Fixed difficulty, resetxp and maxxp commands are listed in help and they don't need connected bots
  • Fixed kickbot command worked only for ID, but not bot's name (bug in 0.83)
  • Removed TestMap conditions and ShowMovers from makemapgm command
  • Removed commands showscriptgoals, console, tbr, aim_debug, fixoffsets, fixnext
  • === WAYPOINTS ===
  • 1944_cherbourg2
  • 1944_nordwind
  • 1944_nordwind_summer
  • airassfp1
  • battle_chess_sniper
  • black_forty_four_sniper
  • capuzzo_b3
  • ds_bunkers_b2
  • erdenberg_b3
  • es_puffo_sniper
  • fragmaze_fixed
  • north_italy_sniper
  • radar_summer
  • raid_b4
  • santas_grotto_v1_2
  • sniper_from_mars
  • transylvania
  • uje_city_patrol
  • uje_gondola_sniper
  • uje_parking
  • xmas_bol_sniper

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